here was the 2017 schedule, 2018 schedule will be posted in the spring

Friday, August 25


Noon - 5 pm    


Check-In at Lander Bake Shop: Welcome to Lander! Learn where the events are, grab a map, ask questions, and sign up for Group Rides and Clinics.


3 pm - 5:30 pm


Group Rides and DEMOs at Johnny Behind the Rocks: Learn from the locals some of their favorite trails and DEMO a sick bike while doing it!

Fat Bikers Only - You weirdos!  Meet up with the Duke of Fatbiking Fun, Scott Urbanski, as you guys roll through the sandy trails of JBR without a care in the world and a big a$$ smile on your face!

Singlespeeders Unite - with the Lander Cycling Legend, Scott Van Orman.  There isn’t a trail system out there better suited for singlespeed than JBR and let the man who has built a great portion of it show you the way.

Beginner’s Clinic - Certified MTB instructor, Jim Donahue, teaches you the tricks and maneuvers to take your riding to the next level

Women’s Only! - No Boys Allowed.  Ride some beautiful trails with long time mountain biker and local shredder, Liz Lightner, and without the testosterone.


6 - 9 pm


KickOff Party & Film at Coalter Loft: Meet and greet, drink and eat, welcome!  The film will be Blood Road, featuring Rebecca Rusch along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.  See the trailer below - this is going to be a powerful film!


9 pm - midnight


Lander Bar Live Music! from the band Gleewood

Saturday, August 26


8:30 - 2 pm


Shuttles Depart for Fossil Hill/Brewer's Trail every half hour


8 - 10 am


Good Morning Mountain Bikers Burrito Breakfast at Bruce's Parking Lot up Sinks Canyon, sponsored by the Lander Bake Shop


8 am - 1 pm


DEMO Expo at Bruce's Parking Lot


1 pm


Group Rides and clinics depart from Bruce's Parking Lot

Beginners Ride to Moose Gulch and Sage Draw: We’ve all been beginners once, learn the skills needed to how to shred!

Liv Women's Clinic: No Boys Allowed! 

Fat Bikers Only: Y’all are a special breed, and it’s awesome! Now go do whatever it is that you do.  Rollin Fat...


5 - 9 pm


Trade Fair and Shenanigans in the City Park: Industry representatives and local vendors have a booth showing everything from local art to the latest new tech. Food will be available from the Middle Fork and hopefully some of Lander's food trucks. Don’t miss the shenanigans (adult and kids strider bike races, bunny hop comp, slow race, etc.) when we let loose and act like the kids we really are!  


7 - 10 pm


Music, Entertainment & Raffle at City Park - plus Beer Lounge sponsored by Lander Brewing Company

Sunday, August 27


7:30 - 8:30 am


Morning Yoga at Bhava Shala with local mountain biker and yoga instructor Liz Lightner


8 - 10 am


Coffee and Community at the Lander Bake Shop: Grab a bite, enjoy some coffee, hangout, and get some more refined info from the guys and gals who made Lander Great Again!

Now that you know the goods, get in one last ride before you have to hit the road!


9:30 am- 2pm


Trail Work on Brewer's Trail Extension: Join us and give back by helping finish the amazing piece of work that is the Brewer's Trail.  Once this trail is complete the Whole Landerchalada will be singletrack!!  Meet at Fossil Hill parking lot.  Bring gloves, water, and snacks.