In the backwoods of British Columbia, a small movement of renegade mountain bikers rose up, challenged the status quo, and changed cycling in ways that no one could have ever imagined - including themselves. Defying convention, the industry, environmentalists, and physics itself, these riders, filmmakers, and photographers stopped at nothing to show the world what could be done on a bike.


Let's be honest, we like to have a good time, that's truly the whole point of this shindig.  Riding bikes...on sweet trails...with a REALLY awesome town!  Films, Live Music, Food, Beer, and some ridiculous shenanigans are on the docket.

Demos, clinics, Group Rides!

Demo bikes from Specialized, Rocky Mountain, The Bike Mill, and Gannet Peak Sports.  Improve your skills at a clinic or head out on a ride with the people who built and know the goods.

Goes towards more Trail!

The money raised in this festival goes to fund trailbuilding and cycling awareness efforts put on by the Lander Cycling Club.  Inquire more at