The Goods!  All proceeds from the festival go directly back into Lander Cycling Club's continuing effort to build, improve, and maintain the Lander trails systems.


Lander Overview


johnny behind the rocks

To get to JBR, take Hwy 287 East (towards McDonalds, not Safeway) out of town for 8 miles, then turn left following Hwy 287 towards Rawlins, after another 8 miles there will be a highway sign and then parking lot on your left.


Sinks Canyon

To get to Bruce's Parking Lot, go South on either 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 9th streets until you run into Fremont St.  Turn right and continue on this road (Wyo 131) for 10 miles until you see a sign for Bruce's Parking and a HUGE parking lot on your left just before the road makes a hairpin turn.  Past Bruce's parking, the road switchbacks many times before topping out with Fossil Hill Parking on the left.


There's only a paper map to JBR, so download the MTB Project app to help figure out where the heck you're at.